In our latest ‘What’s Cooking’, we hear from Maree Ferguson, dietitian and founder of Dietitian Connection. Maree is passionate about providing opportunities at the front-line to career-driven nutrition leaders. After all, dietitians are foodies too and who doesn’t love a ‘foodie’?!


Your business name Dietitian Connection

How would you describe the business you are in?

At Dietitian Connection, we inspire and empower dietitians to realise their professional dreams by up-skilling them in business and leadership via our multi-media channels, including our e-newsletter, e-magazine, podcasts, webinars, events and more.

What do you love about your work?

I am passionate about helping dietitians reach success in their chosen field.

What part of your job would you gladly give away?

I don’t find the sales aspect of my role particularly enjoyable and would gladly give that away. My passion lies in being on the front-line and interacting with the career-driven nutrition leaders that form our community at Dietitian Connection.

If you were starting out in business again today, what piece of advice would you give your younger you?

Just keep putting one step in front of the other, and you won’t believe where you will be five to ten years from now. It’s just so true – and it’s really that simple.

Women start business 41% of the time to solve a problemSometimes this means we have a great vision but don’t have enough resources to sustain our business for the long term. Tell us what resources you started your business with.

I invested my entire savings in developing my website platform. I worked part-time for three years before giving up my “day job”, which is when I started paying myself a salary (albeit at half the amount of my previous well-paid position!). My initial premises were my home office and my car. I didn’t have a business partner, but I had an incredible array of supportive friends, colleagues and family that I could call upon for advice and support. DC wouldn’t be in existence today without them.

As you know we are passionate about women #backingthemselves. So tell us about a time in the last twelve months that you’re really proud of. 

We coordinated a crowdfunding campaign, called #knowlovefood, to raise the profile of dietitians. By doing so, we wanted to help the general public to have a clearer sense of where they could turn for science-based information on food. The crowdfunding piece was successful (a great surprise to us), and we were able to fund a communication campaign via social media. Michelle Bridges was even an ambassador for our campaign!


As we are always growing and learning, what is the one thing you would like to take time to learn more about?

I love learning, and have an ongoing, long list of books to read. I devour anything related to marketing and business. If I had to choose one thing to learn more about, I would focus on being a better salesperson and improving my selling skills.

The world is changing so fast and technology enables us to do so much more. We’re interested in which app you could not live without and why?

Instagram. Dietitians are foodies and love nothing more than posting a photo of their latest meal on Instagram. Hence, we at DC are using Instagram to engage with our members and also to expand our following overseas.

Why did you decide to become a member of Females in Food®

I joined Females in Food to connect with like-minded inspirational and successful women.


We love to celebrate the successes. Can you give us an example of how joining the Foodpreneurs Formula has positively impacted your business? 

I have used Females in Food to source consultants in specific areas; e.g., we found an amazing photographer through the Females in Food program.

Thank you Maree.

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