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Episode 32: Walking the trade show floor with a wholesale buyer to close a sale.

Trade shows are not just for developing new opportunities. Buyers and producers alike know they’ll be sold to at a show, so it’s your opportunity to take advantage of that and close more deals whilst you’re there. But you need to be prescriptive in your planning. In this episode you’ll learn my four-part trade show sales strategy. Like most of my methods, it’s about the systems you create, because systems help you scale.

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Episode 22: Four reasons why you might be struggling to make money right now.

In the past 27 months many consumers have discovered new small-batch food and drink products. Which is great. And many foodpreneurs have found new consumers. Also great. But, despite this new push and pull opportunities, many foodpreneurs have found it hard to make money and tough to stay in business. Listen to this episode for the four reasons why foodpreneurs are struggling to make money right now.

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Episode 21: Leveraging your Q2 results for higher sales in Q3.

Getting your product into more consumers’ hands and putting more money in your pocket is hard when costs are rising and we are faced with significant supply chain interruptions right now. In this episode, I give you formulas for overcoming those challenges, ensuring you are making margin on every food and drink product you sell, and landing more accounts profitably in quarter 3.

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