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Episode 33: Raising money to scale and replace yourself with a C.O.O. so you can focus on the creative.

Starting a business because you love your product, and the product development process, is commonplace amongst foodpreneurs, but how do you scale your business once you’ve proven other people think it’s delicious too but you know you need help to go to the next level? In this episode I chat to Lucy Bennetto, founder of Bennetto Natural Foods about capital raising and which avenues to consider and why; how a Board of Advisors has helped her balance the skill sets within her business; and one thing she wishes she knew earlier on in her food journey that would have helped her scale sooner.

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Episode 10: On the grocery shelf and failed. Twice. What to do.

Why do some products fail even once they have landed on the shelf and gone through the buyer selection process? And what commercial targets do you need to hit for the majors to keep your product on their shelves? So many major grocery chains are simply not suitable for speciality food and drink brands and it’s a mistake for brand owners to waste their time trying. Learn why.

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