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Episode 19: Money: avoiding financial failure and becoming profitable.

It’s hard making profitable packaged products. There’s lots to consider and many actions to take. In this episode, I outline the numbers foodpreneurs should focus on including intermediaries margins; how to price backwards so everyone is profitable; and what margin management is for consumer packaged goods brand owners so you’re putting more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell and paying yourself a great wage.

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Episode 17: Subscriptions: money while you sleep.

Making more revenue, especially predictable recurring revenue, whilst you’re sleeping, would be pretty amazing, right? Not having to set up your market stall or pitching to a wholesale buyer, week in week out would save a lot of time. It’s possible with a slick DTC digital strategy. Listen to this episode and learn the three elements of setting up a super effective subscription service, including the tech that you need.

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