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Episode 23: Competition: build a FMCG brand, get to $100M & stay committed to your social conscience.

Competing with large food companies and the constraints of a post pandemic marketplace can be tough for small-batch food and drink producers. In this episode I talk to Anthony Harb, a former buyer and supplier to the grocery channel, who built a FMCG brand and got to $100M. He and I talk about how you can do that too and stay committed to your social conscience.

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Episode 12: Co-manufacturers, how to know you’re ready and what to ask.

You’re a victim of your own success. Who can help when you don’t have the manufacturing capacity to produce more product? Deciding to outsource your production is an option, but it can be a scary commitment. Can they be trusted with your recipe? How will you meet the MOQ’s? What monies do you need to fork out? Listen to the questions you need to ask a co-manufacturer so you can outsource to scale.

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