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Episode 43: What to do When a Stockist Says ‘No’ or ‘No for Now’

Chances are if you’re a Foodpreneur trying to get your product onto more shelves, you’ve heard a ‘no’ from a stockist (or a ‘no for now’). In fact, majority of the time you will hear ‘no’, or a variation of it. It’s what you say and do before, during, and after the call, that makes all the difference.

In this week’s episode of The Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast I take one of our lovely Foodpreneurs Formula® members through how to approach sales calls and overcome objections from a stockist – particularly if you don’t enjoy ‘selling’, or cold-calling.

Listen to ep. 43 now if the idea of calling stockists makes you anxious and you want a sales call formula to double your sales.

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Episode 24: Landing one new retailer every other day. How this foodpreneur does it.

Landing one new retailer every other day sounds like a hoax, doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. One foodpreneur tells me how she does it and the tricks she uses. They are not so tricky. Good salesmanship is in reach for all of us but there are three steps you’ve got to take, consistently. Listen to this episode to hear what they are and how you can adopt them to sell more of your product too.

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