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Episode 41: The 6-3-1 Formula to Grab Consumer Attention & Get Into More Baskets

Do the words ‘financials’, ‘markup’ or ‘margins’ get you excited? Didn’t think so. While the creating, making, and designing are far more thrilling, financial understanding and financial planning can be the make or break for your brand, no matter how tasty your products are. Getting the numbers right at the start is pivotal to long term success and financial viability as is getting into more consumers hands. In this week’s episode, I have a compelling chat with Brand and FMCG start up King Eddie Stableford about the somewhat ‘unpretty’, but absolutely necessary for success side of branding, the financial aspect. Sit down, or pop in your headphones and go for a walk, while we take you through 52 minutes of how your brand can thrive in retail, how to understand retailer margins and how to get your product into more consumers’ hands using Eddie’s 6-3-1 formula.

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Episode 40: Independents vs. The Majors. Where you’ll make your money.

Do you want to get into a major retailer like Woolworths? Do you think once you’ve landed on those shelves you’ve made it and you’ll make money? Maybe you will. Maybe you won’t. Putting more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell is what you need to be considering. In other words are you playing the margin or the volume game? That’s the question more foodpreneurs should be asking themselves. In this episode I chat to miso and koji master, and co-founder of Meru Miso, Chris de Bono, about the reality of being in ‘the majors’ from a margin point of view and what price point you need to achieve in Woolworths, for example, versus the price point that you can achieve in Harris Farm Markets. If you want to have great impact, more choice and more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell, you’ll want to listen to this week’s episode.

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Episode 23: Competition: build a FMCG brand, get to $100M & stay committed to your social conscience.

Competing with large food companies and the constraints of a post pandemic marketplace can be tough for small-batch food and drink producers. In this episode I talk to Anthony Harb, a former buyer and supplier to the grocery channel, who built a FMCG brand and got to $100M. He and I talk about how you can do that too and stay committed to your social conscience.

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Episode 20: Scaling a specialty product from farmers markets to grocery.

Scaling a speciality product from farmers market to grocery requires brand owners to focus on three things for a guaranteed successful launch into grocery. And then there’s the question whether the grocery channel is the right fit for your target consumer. Listen to my coaching session with Lucy on what advice I gave her to scale her bone broth product the right way and what to know before approaching a co-manufacturer and talking to them about MOQs and packaging.

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Episode 15: Scaled to $500k in 24 months and ranged in more than 650 accounts. Here’s how.

When the retailer wants 40%, your distributor wants 30%, how much money is left to put in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell? In my conversation with Ben Whyatt, founder Doggylicious, he told me he wished he would’ve created his product knowing an RRP that he should have had because initially he made 0% margin. Listen to Ben talk about his growth to a $500,000 business in just 24 months and being ranged in more than 650 stores and online.

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