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Episode 10: On the grocery shelf and failed. Twice. What to do.

Why do some products fail even once they have landed on the shelf and gone through the buyer selection process? And what commercial targets do you need to hit for the majors to keep your product on their shelves? So many major grocery chains are simply not suitable for speciality food and drink brands and it’s a mistake for brand owners to waste their time trying. Learn why.

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Episode 8: Reviewing Q1 so you’re putting more money in your pocket in Q2.

Landing more accounts; getting your product into more consumers’ hands’; and putting more money in your pocket is a series of quarterly sprints. Don’t expect to make more sales without a plan, executing your sales plan proficiently and then reviewing it against consistent criteria. In this episode, I give you my formula for measuring your quarter 1 sprint and plan strategically for quarter 2.

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