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Episode 18: Distributors: making sales with margin.

When engaging a distributor to sell to a retailer, you’ve got to have enough margin to account for their costs. Everyone who ‘touches’ your product, needs to be paid. The key is to start by ‘pricing backwards’. In this episode learn how to understand a distributor’s business model and how they make money; for you the brand owner, the retailer, and themselves.

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Episode 14: Distributors, what you need to know before you approach one.

I talk with Tara Mei, a distributor of emerging brands to the specialty independent sector, about how to engage a food retail distributor and what to know before approaching one. Tara and I give you the success formula to help you understand what’s required when sharing sales data with a distributor; how to build successful triangular partnerships between you, your distributor and a retailer; what you need to know when signing an exclusivity deal with your distributor; and how to price to account for intermediaries’ margins.

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