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Episode 43: What to do When a Stockist Says ‘No’ or ‘No for Now’

Chances are if you’re a Foodpreneur trying to get your product onto more shelves, you’ve heard a ‘no’ from a stockist (or a ‘no for now’). In fact, majority of the time you will hear ‘no’, or a variation of it. It’s what you say and do before, during, and after the call, that makes all the difference.

In this week’s episode of The Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast I take one of our lovely Foodpreneurs Formula® members through how to approach sales calls and overcome objections from a stockist – particularly if you don’t enjoy ‘selling’, or cold-calling.

Listen to ep. 43 now if the idea of calling stockists makes you anxious and you want a sales call formula to double your sales.

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Episode 42: When Things Aren’t Good at Home and Your Business is at Risk

Balancing work and home life is tough for many people; but for those trying to start and run a small food and drink business, it can be even more challenging. The late nights, competing priorities, never-ending to do list, and of course the guilt that can come as a result of the juggle can cause poor mental and physical health and burnout.

For some small, packaged food and drink business owners it can become too much, and they may need make the decision about where to continue to put their time and energy. If your business is or has been negatively impacted by happenings at home and you want to know that you’re not alone, or if you’ve made the gut-wrenching decision to close your business and want to know how to manage your existing relationships and make the process less stressful, listen to this week’s episode.

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Episode 41: The 6-3-1 Formula to Grab Consumer Attention & Get Into More Baskets

Do the words ‘financials’, ‘markup’ or ‘margins’ get you excited? Didn’t think so. While the creating, making, and designing are far more thrilling, financial understanding and financial planning can be the make or break for your brand, no matter how tasty your products are. Getting the numbers right at the start is pivotal to long term success and financial viability as is getting into more consumers hands. In this week’s episode, I have a compelling chat with Brand and FMCG start up King Eddie Stableford about the somewhat ‘unpretty’, but absolutely necessary for success side of branding, the financial aspect. Sit down, or pop in your headphones and go for a walk, while we take you through 52 minutes of how your brand can thrive in retail, how to understand retailer margins and how to get your product into more consumers’ hands using Eddie’s 6-3-1 formula.

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