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In our latest ‘What’s Cooking’, we hear from Kristin Lemura from Noble Bootleggers Distilling Co. Kristin is busy with her gin distillery, family, teaching and winning awards! Recently Kristin, and her partner Dan, won a silver for their Christmas pudding gin and bronze for their cherry gin at the Australian distilled spirit awards. An enormous thing for this small distillery. Kristin just completed Chelsea’s Foodpreneurs Success Formula and she said it made her more “focused and gave her strength and clarity on her business vision”.

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Is it safe to serve? Use this food safety guide to know for sure.

Adopting good food safety and quality systems are part of an essential hygiene practice for food and drink businesses. Most importantly, however, they can be a requirement of the Food Standards Code and the law of your State. Any practice that is foolproof and is easy to implement is vitally important because it will help you stay on the right side of the law.

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What A Successful Small Business Looks Like

When I determine the foundations of a successful small business I think about the venn diagram of three intersecting circles.

Those circles represent:

1. Doing something that you love
2. Doing something that you’re great at and
3. Doing something where there’s a market for what you’re selling

But there’s a critical circle missing, and that’s doing something that other people truly care for.

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