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Episode 20: Scaling a specialty product from farmers markets to grocery.

Scaling a speciality product from farmers market to grocery requires brand owners to focus on three things for a guaranteed successful launch into grocery. And then there’s the question whether the grocery channel is the right fit for your target consumer. Listen to my coaching session with Lucy on what advice I gave her to scale her bone broth product the right way and what to know before approaching a co-manufacturer and talking to them about MOQs and packaging.

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Episode 15: Scaled to $500k in 24 months and ranged in more than 650 accounts. Here’s how.

When the retailer wants 40%, your distributor wants 30%, how much money is left to put in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell? In my conversation with Ben Whyatt, founder Doggylicious, he told me he wished he would’ve created his product knowing an RRP that he should have had because initially he made 0% margin. Listen to Ben talk about his growth to a $500,000 business in just 24 months and being ranged in more than 650 stores and online.

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Episode 12: Co-manufacturers, how to know you’re ready and what to ask.

You’re a victim of your own success. Who can help when you don’t have the manufacturing capacity to produce more product? Deciding to outsource your production is an option, but it can be a scary commitment. Can they be trusted with your recipe? How will you meet the MOQ’s? What monies do you need to fork out? Listen to the questions you need to ask a co-manufacturer so you can outsource to scale.

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