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Episode 16: End to end product development expertise with a food scientist

Taking your food and drink product idea to full commercialisation, including executing a formula that’s ready for a retail launch and a formulation that will continue to serve your needs as your demand grows and your business scales up, is not easy. In my conversation with food scientist and consultant, Natalie Alibrandi, we talk about technical formulations; packaging compliance; co-packers; shelf life requirements; consumer complaint systems; and supply chain management expertise. Listen to this episode to develop a safe and 100% scalable food and drink product.

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Episode 13: You need sales but you’re a one-woman band. Here’s how.

“My major fear is not that he will say no, but that he will say yes and I’ll over-commit”. That’s what Shannon said her biggest challenge ultimately was when looking at what she needed to do to sell more of her speciality spirits and liqueurs. Shannon’s exhausted. It was a sprint to get product made, and business opened, six months ago. Listen to my coaching session with Shannon on what advice I gave her to approach her sales and selling, and to reverse a plateauing revenue line.

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