Introduction to Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford

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I invite you to hang out with me every week on the Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast and I, along with other experienced industry experts, will help you with selling your packaged food and drink product; negotiating with buyers; getting stocked; generating consistent demand for your products; and getting your products into more consumer hands, with or without a distributor! And the clincher… I’ll make sure you are putting more money in your pocket for every product you make.


  1. Vicki

    Apart from relevant content I thought your voice was measured and easy on the ear – I don’t listen to podcasts because I find many of them noisy or waffling trying to fill ’empty air’, but this kept me engaged till the end.

  2. Peggy

    Not only, as a foodprenuer, am I interested to follow your podcast but as an owner of an incubator kitchen for female driven food businesses I am excited to share this podcast with my clients who are in their start up phase and could use as much industry pro tips as possible.
    Chelsea’s tips are pure gold, filled with realistic , valuable advice.

  3. Divij

    Stumbled upon your podcast featuring the founder of Cartel & Co.

    Loved the information you both provide. Very helpful for a startup in the food space, working towards building distribution channels.


    • Chelsea Ford

      Distribution and distributors can be such a source of pain for many new Foodpreneurs. Knowing this we wanted to shine a light on all the potential pitfalls in order to help. So we’re glad you found the episode valuable, thanks for letting us know.


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