Episode 84: Behind the Scenes of What it Really Takes to Scale

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The best business leaders in the world know that to scale and take a business to the next level, it requires one key ingredient – people.

And the ‘people’ I’m talking about are not just people who work in your business, it’s also your business network and mentors, your community and your family and friends.

The reality is, in these challenging economic times, there’s a limit to how much your business can grow if you’re shouldering all the responsibilities and trying to do it all alone.

My latest guest on the podcast knows this very well. Scott Mendelsohn is the founder of Natural Raw C and Lesser Evil Australia, the Co-owner of Basic Brands and Mandatory Spirit Co, one of Australia’s FMCG Big Thinkers, and a true people’s champion who loves the industry and supporting those in it. We delve into how pivotal having the right people around him has been in transforming his business from a modest start from two coconut water containers a decade ago to an international powerhouse generating over $30 million in revenue.

We delve into a behind the scenes look at what it really takes to scale a packaged food or drink business, including:

🥥 The criteria Scott looks for when scouting for businesses to invest in.
🥥 The pivotal reason why trying to do everything yourself hinders scaling.
🥥 Understanding the power of unity and community support during challenging times.
🥥 The top three pieces of advice Scott has for Foodpreneurs.
🥥 Essential insights for those eyeing expansion into the US market.
🥥 A candid revelation: Why Scott still grapples with self-doubt.
🥥 The undeniable importance of being receptive to feedback.
🥥 Critical factors to consider, irrespective of where you are launching your product.
🥥 The transformative shift from lone Foodpreneur to a collaborative community mindset.


If you haven’t listened to episode 83 (49 mins), “Scaling a Packaged Food Product Profitably” listen here.

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