Episode 83: Scaling a Packaged Food Product Business Profitably

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Times are tough for many right now. The cost-of-living crisis has people pulling back on spending, which affects many small businesses, Foodpreneurs included.

But for those with packaged food and drink products who are wondering “How can I boost sales and profits when households are tightening their belts?”, I have a solution for you, and it is simpler than you might expect.

And yes, I’m going to share it with you.

In episode 83 of the Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I unpack my Scale Up Money Map, along with insights from previous guests, presenting strategies, tips and actions that will result in more sales and more profits for you (if you follow the advice).

This is an episode you’ll need to come back to over and over again, as my guests and I outline key actions you need to take to overcome your biggest challenges, including getting your product on more shelves, getting it through the checkout, making each product sale more profitable for YOU and how to hit or exceed your target revenue for the final quarter of 2023 and beyond.

These super valuable insights include:

📈 Getting out of your own way and taking the emotion out of business to help you scale.
📈 The calculation to reach your target revenue, and what you need to do to get there.
📈 My Foodpreneurs Formula function 8, and why it’s important.
📈 Shifting focus and prioritising key actions that will actually increase sales.
📈 Overcoming sales anxiety by using ‘solution selling.’
📈Reducing the amount of ‘no’s’ you hear from a buyer.
📈 Getting your product into more consumers baskets in a cost-of-living crisis, even when you’re the most expensive.
📈 What numbers you absolutely MUST KNOW.


If you haven’t listened to episode 82 (50 mins), ‘‘Success is Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone!’ listen here.

This episode is brought to you by my brand new FREE online Masterclass – More Money in Your Pocket which will help you build a profitable packaged food and drink business; and Foodpreneurs Formula, my coaching program for packaged food and drink brand owners ready to scale.


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