Episode 82: Success Is Just Beyond Your Comfort Zone

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Often in the journey to build a successful packaged food or drink business, Foodpreneurs get tunnel vision on creating a delicious product, securing shelf space, and making sales, but one key aspect that can be the difference between success and failure is often overlooked.

It’s the decisions you make.

You can either get out of your comfort zone, decide to have a growth mindset, and be the driving force that elevates your business to soaring success, or let it remain a mere (expensive!) pastime.

My guest on episode 82 of the ‘Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford’ podcast, is the perfect example of this. Lisa Ormenyessy is the visionary behind OMGhee, an organic, biodynamic, handmade, premium, Aussie-made  ghee. Lisa’s passion, outlook and strategy, along with engaging mentors and coaches, have helped her not only transition from a local RSL kitchen to co-manufacturing for other ghee brands in under a year, but also find a gap in the market for a product that’s been around for thousands of years, and become the leader in her category.

In this episode, Lisa talks about getting out of your ‘safe zone’, embracing external guidance, and becoming unstuck so you can make all those big hairy audacious goals a reality, including:

✨ Her health challenges that inspired her product.
✨ How she identified a niche for an age-old product and emerged as a category leader.
✨ Her fearless stance on competition, pricing, and setting boundaries.
✨ The guiding principles shaping her business operations.
✨ Collaborative efforts that made her factory expenses almost cost-neutral.
✨ How a spreadsheet inside my Foodpreneurs Formula Program helped her go from confusion to accurate margin management.
✨ Her 80/20 strategy that ensures focus and prevents feeling swamped.
✨ Her commitment to self-growth, evident in her investments in business courses and coaching, despite her frugal approach to other expenses.


If you haven’t listened to Episode 81 (46 mins), ‘’Impressing Buyers: Mastering the Art to Get Your Product Stocked”’ listen here.


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