Episode 81: Impressing Buyers: Mastering the Art to Get your Product Stocked

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Getting a packaged food and drink product on a retail shelf…If I had a dollar for every time I heard this topic come up with Foodpreneurs, well, I’d be very wealthy 💰

And predictably so, as securing placement for a product in retail stores is a top priority for Foodpreneurs seeking to expand their business through wholesale channels.

Whether you’re new to approaching buyers, have faced previous rejections, or are looking to expand your current retail presence, understanding how to captivate buyers and provide them with essential information about your products and business is crucial to landing more accounts.

In episode 81 of ‘Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford’ podcast, I chat with Karyn Redford, the CEO of Retail Feed. Karyn specialises in aiding Foodpreneurs in getting their products seen, liked, and stocked by retailers. If your goal is to have your products lining retail shelves, or your goal is to expand your retail presence, you won’t want to miss this episode as Karyn, boasting nearly 20 years of expertise in the retail food sector, shares invaluable insights into impressing buyers and store managers, including:

🛍️ The ‘theatre of retail’ and how it can drive sales.
🛍️ The benefits of selling your product at Farmers Markets (if you want to get into a retailer).
🛍️ The success path to getting on the shelf and grabbing the attention of a buyer.
🛍️ The top 3 things Karyn sees missing from Sale Sheets and Price lists.
🛍️ Why buyers need to know your delivery days and delivery fees.
🛍️ Options you have if you have a new product that isn’t retail ready.
🛍️ How to make buyers remember you.
🛍️ What lets a retailer down the most.
🛍️ What to do (and not to do) if you have multiple products.


If you haven’t listened to Episode 80 (46 mins), ‘’The Centuries-Old Seed Vying for Aussie Snack Success’’ listen here

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