Episode 80: The Centuries-Old Seed Vying for Aussie Snack Success

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Introducing a new product into the market is not easy. There’s a lot to consider, including market research, production, branding, packaging, marketing, distribution, sales, and much more. It’s a venture fraught with uncertainty. What adds an extra layer of risk is managing an overseas supplier and launching a product featuring an age-old, traditional seed from overseas that’s largely unfamiliar to most Australians.

But this is exactly what my guests on the podcast this week did.

In the latest episode of Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I chat with Melanie Salwa and Bhuvan Dua, the co-founders of Fox Pops. Their product, a light, crunchy, delicious, guilt-free snack deeply rooted in Indian tradition, recently made its debut at Foodpreneurs Festival in Australia.

During our chat, we delve into their meticulous approach to launching Fox Pops into the Aussie market, covering topics ranging from product naming and branding to pinpointing specific target markets and marketing strategies, including:

🦊 Why they’re focusing on the right ‘partnerships’ over the right ‘channels’ for now.
🦊 How they are bootstrapping their growth.
🦊 How they chose their product flavours during product development.
🦊 How they manage their margins working with an overseas supplier.
🦊 How working to their strengths has helped them create a successful working relationship.
🦊 How they juggle their supply chain, working capital and current stock to fulfill current orders while being mindful of product shelf life.
🦊 Different tactics they use on social media (including a trick you may not know about!)
🦊 The marketing strategies they’re using as a startup without a ‘Barbie’ budget.


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