Episode 78: Collaboration: Increasing Brand Awareness & Sales on a Budget

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Getting eyeballs on your products and making your brand seen, liked, and purchased by consumers can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive. However, there is a cost-effective way for time-poor business owners to boost brand awareness and drive product sales through a marketing strategy that is often overlooked. I’m referring to collaborations (or collabs!).

In this week’s episode of the Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I chat with Jess Ruhfus, the founder of Collabosaurus, an innovative marketing platform that facilitates smart collabs and partnerships between brands. As a brand owner herself, Jess knows how collaborations with other businesses can be an extremely powerful marketing tool to drive sales, drive website traffic, generate brand awareness, get media attention, and grow your audience on social media; all on little or no advertising spend.

In this episode, we cover everything that Food and Drink entrepreneurs need to know about teaming up with other businesses, including:

🤝 Why collabs are an effective marketing tactic for business owners with little time, and even less budget.
🤝Why starting with a goal in mind will help you determine your partners.
🤝How long to run a collaboration for.
🤝 Different types of collaborations, and what’s best based on your goals.
🤝 What to look for in a collaborations partner.
🤝 Why brand collabs are so powerful due to the multi-channel approach.
🤝 Why you usually must be seen by a potential customer 22 times before they make a purchasing decision.
🤝 How an F&B brand reached over 90 million people.
🤝 A generous offer from Jess for members of our community who want to sign up to Collabosaurus (see discount code in links and resources).


If you haven’t listened to Episode 77 (103 mins), ‘A Big Vision Led a Foodpreneur to the Javanese Highlands in Search of Cows’ listen here.

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