Episode 77: A Big Vision Led a Foodpreneur to the Javanese Highlands in Search of Cows

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Foodpreneur Lisa Steny took a bold leap from a thriving corporate life to carve a niche for herself in the dairy industry.

That’s the simplified version of her story. The truth is, Lisa left a lucrative career in Finance and Banking, with zero experience in the food industry, to move to Bali and start producing luxury dairy products in a country that had no history of dairy production. And then Covid hit.

Despite the challenging launch timing, her commitment to top-tier quality and keen customer insights have driven 8 Degrees Cheese (soon to be Shy Cow), her premium cheese and Greek yogurt brand, to flourishing growth. Today, it’s a staple at supermarkets and gourmet stores, and luxury hotels across Bali and nearby islands.

In this week’s episode of Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, Lisa takes me through her story; a journey which started as a bold vision to embrace a life aligned with everything that matters to her, and how it led her to travelling the highlands of Java looking for milk cows.

In this episode, we delve into:

🧀 How she backed up what seemed like a ‘crazy’ idea with data and comprehensive research into the market.
🧀 Some of her mistakes when first starting out; and why backing herself was her biggest one.
🧀 Why playing it safe in the beginning is now costing her.
🧀 Why your BIG vision needs to scare you and be the driving force behind all your decisions.
🧀 How looking at different channels and opportunities helped the brand get through Covid and thrive.
🧀 Her approach to getting in front of decision makers (without having any experience in the industry).
🧀 How a cold email got her products into one of Asia’s top 50 restaurants.
🧀 How a significant stockist found the brand on IG and ‘slid into their Instagram DM’s’.


If you haven’t listened to Episode 76 (44 mins), ‘Turning your Distributor into your Partner’ listen here.

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