Episode 76: Turning Your Distributor into Your Partner

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If you’ve never worked with a food and beverage distributor, but are thinking about it, there’s a lot to consider, such as who to work with. How to work with them? And what margins you have to play with?

Regardless of who you decide to approach to distribute your product, and what margins you’ve agreed on, there is one thing that can make a HUGE difference in whether your experience working with one is successful and financially rewarding.

And this is, how you see the relationship.

In this week’s episode of Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I talk with Sally Gosper, the General Manager of Wholesale Food Distributor Two Providores, on why you need to see your distributor not as a salesperson, but as a ‘partner’.

We cover how to form this type of working relationship, and why it’s essential to your success, including:

🚚 The #1 thing the most successful brands are doing with their distributors.
🚚 Why you must craft your brand story, and communicate this succinctly, regardless of your distribution channels.
🚚 What to look out for when deciding on a distributor to ‘partner’ with.
🚚 What the ‘gangster model’ is and why to look out for it when deciding on a distributor.
🚚 What Sally thinks is the future of the Australian food service industry.
🚚 How their ‘unusual model’ works for them and the producers they have on board.
🚚 What you need to know if you want Two Providores to distribute your product.


🍨 🍫 Something you may have never heard about Messina!


If you haven’t listened to Episode 75 (41 mins), ‘Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Land More Accounts’ listen here.

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