Episode 74: Moving from DTC (Direct to Consumer) to Wholesale

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Transitioning your business focus from DTC to wholesale can be a daunting process at the beginning. It requires reevaluating your business, marketing, and logistics strategies, as well as a careful review of your margins and pricing. Additionally, deciding whether to involve intermediaries further adds to the complexity.

This week on the podcast I chat to Helen Tricarico, brains and brewer behind the acclaimed Hoti Kombucha. We delve into her journey of transitioning from DTC to wholesale, which was triggered by a sudden change in her DTC space, leading to the loss of a significant portion of her business almost overnight.

In this episode I guide Helen through the essential aspects to consider, understand, and implement when shifting focus to the wholesale market, with the aim of not only helping her reclaim her lost DTC revenue but also to propel her business to new heights through successful wholesale strategies, including:

↪️ Why to start with strategic direction and communicate the changes every step of the way.
↪️ How to both utilise , and support your existing retailers to increase sales.
↪️ How to scale up when moving to wholesale.
↪️ Why knowing your numbers and what margins you have to play with is essential.
↪️ How to use segmented marketing to drive your existing DTC customers to retail stockists.
↪️ Why to revisit the ‘pricing backwards’ model.
↪️ Redirecting your ‘foot traffic’ through a clear communication strategy.
↪️ Working and planning in 90 day sprints.


If you haven’t listened to episode 73 (19 mins), ‘‘Reviewing Q2, and Keeping Your Business Alive in Q3!’ listen here.

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