Episode 73: Reviewing Q2, and keeping your business alive in Q3.

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It’s almost a wrap on Q2 – a time when Foodpreneurs should have been taking advantage of the numerous special occasions to sell products, and sell HARD.

Did you?

If not, there are still opportunities in quarter 3 to hit your sales targets for 2023, despite increased operating costs. It’s how to increase your product profit margins, even with these rising running costs that I go through in episode 73 of Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast. It is 100% possible, and I’m going to tell you how.

I’m also going to help you review your quarter 2 and take you through:

➡️ Special occasions that you should have taken advantage of in Q2 to increase sales, and if you didn’t to make note of!
➡️ What ‘sandbagging’ is and why it’s the biggest mistake Foodpreneurs make at this time of year.
➡️ The key to driving sales in Q3.
➡️ How to increase your profit margins despite an increase in running costs.
➡️ Main two issues affecting Foodpreneurs profitability right now.
➡️ Why sales need to be at the forefront of your business in Q3, and how to make that your focus.


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