Episode 7: How to scale an ambient snack business & quit your day job.

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Your revenue is $2k per month and you need it to be $15k so you can quit your part-time job. Or perhaps your revenue is $5k per month and you want it to be $40k so you can heavily invest in next-level marketing activities. Either way I’ve got you.

In this episode I coach Ruth Aneke, founder of West African snack brand, Mamaland. You’ll listen in to how I help Ruth sell more products and put more money in her pocket so she can quit her full-time job, confidently afford the expenses of raising three children on her own and build her dream business that will provide homes for people who’ve been orphaned.

I gave Ruth frameworks to drive demand so her sales grow beyond a small local market and a guerilla promotion plan to rapidly increase her revenue to $15k / month and build stronger relationships with her wholesaler and retailers.

Listen in and learn:

  1. What research and market assessment all foodpreneurs need to do to lay solid foundations for their marketing but hardly anyone does;
  2. How to glean insights to help you build a brand that stands out; and
  3. The framework for rapid scale that drives foot traffic to your retailers and builds demand for your product.

If you haven’t listened to episode 6 (42 mins) on Brand is where the money is. How to build one that stands out & sells more, listen here.

And, I invite you to come and join my community of female foodpreneurs, and catch up on the conversations, in Kiosk. For Women in Food and Drink, my free Facebook group.

This episode is brought to you by Foodpreneurs Formula®, my business acceleration coaching program for packaged food and drink brand owners ready to scale; and my free on-demand masterclass that gives you the framework to help you navigate your scaling journey.

1 Comment

  1. Ruth A

    Thankyou Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford! Your insights, strategies and generosity are invaluable. I look forward to sharing my successes and lessons with you in this journey. 🧡 Ruth.


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