Episode 69: An Indigenous-owned Chocolate Brand Ready to Take on the World

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Stress, financial woes, burnout and self-doubt. Many if not all Foodpreneurs have suffered these at some point in their business. But did you know there are issues specific to to Indigenous-owned packaged food and drink businesses you may never have thought about.

In celebration of National Reconciliation Week, this week on the podcast I spoke to Sharon Brindley, a Yamatji/Noongar woman who owns and runs the 100% First Nations chocolate and tea brand Jala Jala Treats; and is dreaming of taking her products global. At times the conversation is raw, talking about how her grandmother was taken from her family at 2 years of age as part of the stolen generations, and how her business and self-doubt drove her to a breakdown. At other times, it’s inspiring as she talks about how she’s determined to help pave a way forward for Indigenous Australians to have the opportunity to export their products, and how her goal is to introduce Australian native flavours to the rest of the world through her chocolates and teas.

Listen now as we discuss everything from mental health challenges to marketing issues and more, including:

🍫 Why your brand can’t (and shouldn’t) try to be all things to all people.
🍫 How exporting is a learning journey.
🍫 How to truly support Indigenous-owned FMCG businesses.
🍫 What ‘black cladding’ is and how to look out for it.
🍫 How to approach marketing challenges faced by many Foodpreneurs.
🍫 How trauma can show up in your business.


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