Episode 68: Rapid-fire Lessons to Win More Accounts Pt. 2

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Many Foodpreneurs tend to overthink their pitches, whether this is on the phone trying to get a meeting with a buyer, or in-person during an actual pitch. This is understandable; considering the amount of time that has gone into creating a product or brand, and the fact that getting into a retailer is a big step in scaling a packaged food and drink business.

“What do I say?”, “Is my product even good enough?”, “What do they actually care about?”, “What info do they want/need”? The overwhelm can be paralysing and leave many to overthink the situation; which is why I put together a quick exercise to simplify the pitch process by prompting you to answer key questions rapidly. This will help you get to know the parts of your business a buyer wants to know about.

This episode is part two of a two-part series on nailing your sales pitch. If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet, you can listen to it here. In part 2 I take you through the final 5 of the 11 steps that will help you win more accounts, more often, by telling buyers what they actually want to hear, including:

🗣️ What your business model is.
🗣️ Details about any capital investment your business has, or will be acquiring.
🗣️ Details about your team or network.
🗣️ Asking for ‘the sale’.
🗣️ Why you care about solving this problem for your customers (the one I spoke about in #2 of ep. 67).


If you haven’t listened to episode 67 (8 mins), “A Rapid-fire Exercise to Win More Accounts Pt. 1” listen here.

This episode is brought to you by my new Pitch Plan. If you are preparing or need to prepare what to say to a wholesale buyer, download it today. And Foodpreneurs Formula, my coaching program for packaged food and drink brand owners ready to scale.


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