Episode 67: A Rapid-fire Exercise to Win More Accounts Pt. 1

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Landing a meeting with a buyer, and impressing them once you do is not easy; if it was, everyone with a packaged food and drink product would be on shelves. You need to nail your sales pitch so you land a meeting, and then get stocked; but what exactly do buyers want and need to hear before they’ll even consider putting your product on their shelf?

Here’s a hint, it’s not just how great-tasting your product is, or how good it will look on shelves.

Despite needing the above as a minimum requirement, there’s much more information you can give them, or show them that will sway their decision. This episode is part one of a two-part series which takes you through 11 interactive steps you need to respond to (and fast!), so get your pen, paper or digital device ready as I’m about to take you the first 6 of these 11 steps that will help you answer the questions buyers want to know, including:

🗣️ How you or your product are changing the world?
🗣️ What pain points do your customers have?
🗣️ What will your customers gain from your product (besides it’s taste)?
🗣️ Will you do a product tasting live with your buyer?
🗣️ What’s unique about your product?
🗣️ What financial or other successes has your product had so far?


If you haven’t listened to episode 66 (55 mins), “Reframing the Sales Conversation” listen here.

This episode is brought to you by my new Pitch Plan. If you are preparing or need to prepare what to say to a wholesale buyer, download it today. And Foodpreneurs Festival, the sales event opportunity of the year, is specifically curated for packaged food and drink brand owners who want to land more accounts, get products into more consumers’ hands, and put more money in their pockets for every product sold.


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