Episode 66: Reframing the Sales Conversation

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Sales. Just the word can have some Foodpreneurs running to find the closest table to hide under. But what if the way you thought about selling your product was based on preconceived ideas, and by reframing how you think and feel about the sales process would instead fill you with confidence and make you feel more empowered and at ease in your next buyer meeting or when calling or emailing a buyer for the first time?

That’s exactly what I go through with Mia Van Tubbergh, the Sales Partner from Elm Professional, a professional services firm that partners with food, retail and FMCG clients. The hard truth is that you need to ‘sell’ to have a successful business. The other truth though is that there is a way to sell by ‘adding value’ that will completely change the way you think, and what you do when it comes to your sales process.

I chat with Mia about how ‘adding value’ must be a part of your sales strategy and what that looks like, including:

💸 What WIFIM is and why it’s important when pitching to buyers.
💸 Why having a great-tasting, great-looking product is the minimum and what else you need to ‘sell’.
💸 Why talking margin and sell-through are essential in adding value.
💸 What you need to know so you’re confident when meeting with buyers to ease the sales conversation.
💸 Learning the trick of art of listening more and talking less.


If you haven’t listened to episode 65 (49 mins), “Building a Million Dollar Brand in an Overcrowded Space” listen here.

This episode is brought to you by my new Pitch Plan. If you are preparing or need to prepare what to say to a wholesale buyer, download it today. And Foodpreneurs Festival, the sales event opportunity of the year, is specifically curated for packaged food and drink brand owners who want to land more accounts, get products into more consumers’ hands, and put more money in their pockets for every product sold.


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