Episode 65: Building a Million Dollar Brand in an Overcrowded Space/Competitive Market

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Imagine starting a food brand without any FMCG experience, manufacturing a product in a saturated market, out of your garage in your local town. Now imagine four years later that brand is a household name, is turning over millions of dollars in revenue, is selling nationally and overseas, and has just purchased their own facility to manufacture their product, and products for other Foodpreneurs.
Sounds unreal. But it’s not.

This week on the podcast I chat to Cian Dawson and Courtney Brown, the co-founders of Gym Bod – A better-for-you ice cream start-up with a loyal following of fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers, now retailing in over 1,200 locations around Australia and New Zealand.

Cian and Courtney’s story will inspire you to start dreaming big, hitting your goals, and focussing on the right things to get there.

Listen now to discover:

🍨 What they focus on to help them reach their big goals.
🍨 How they became a household name in the competitive dessert space.
🍨 How strategic thinking and planning has been essential to their success.
🍨 Their biggest challenge to date.
🍨 Why to focus on what consumers DO, not SAY, in your research.
🍨 Why you need to decide your market early on to drive your business strategy.


If you haven’t listened to episode 64 (48 mins), “Creating a Mission Based Plant Based Business at Scale”, listen here.

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