Episode 64: Creating A Mission Based Plant Based Business At Scale

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The plant-based food and drink category has grown and evolved tremendously in recent years. We now have plant-based chicken, beef, sausages, cheeses, milks, chocolates, eggs, you name it there’s a plant-based alternative for it.

But have you ever heard of plant-based tuna?

In episode 64 of Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I (virtually) sat down with BettaF!sh co-founder and co-CEO, Deniz Ficicioglu to learn how her startup is making waves across Europe with their ‘tu-nah’ product that looks, tastes and feels exactly like canned tuna, but is made from seaweed – a product that’s farming practices is regenerative, and a sustainable alternative to fishing. What started as a mission to conserve our oceans, has become a brand with products selling across seven European countries by building an entire new industry of ‘impact-enhanced’ foods made from seaweed.

BettaF!sh’s story is truly inspiring, and in this episode you’ll hear about their early-stage scale journey, as well as:

🐟 How they positioned their product and brand by learning what consumers want from plant-based products.
🐟 How they pitched and won investment, and the kind of investment they initially looked for.
🐟 How they work with their investors.
🐟 How they grew their business by tapping into well-connected networks.
🐟 Current gaps in the market for plant-based products.
🐟 How plant-based has evolved and where it’s going.


If you haven’t listened to episode 62 (19 mins)  and episode 63 (23 mins), ‘‘11 Strategies to Grow Your Brand: Part 1 & 2 !’ Listen now. 

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