Episode 62: 11 Strategies to Grow Your Brand: Part 1

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You’ve done all the hard work. You’ve created a great-tasting product, designed your packaging, organised your labelling, and spent hours upon hours finally getting your product into a retailer.

Unfortunately, this won’t equal success.

In order to be in the minority of packaged food and drink products that actually make it long term, you need to get your product off the shelf, into more consumer baskets and through the checkout time and time again. And in order to do this you need to build a brand.

Get your pens ready, because in part 1 of my 2-part series on brand-building, I give you the first 5 of my 11 strategies to scale your business and succeed long term. All you need to do is implement them.

Listen now for more in-depth coverage of these strategies, including:

🧡 Finding your brand’s purpose.
🧡 Telling your brand’s story.
🧡 Creating a community.
🧡 Having an amazing product.
🧡 Being a content powerhouse.


If you haven’t listened to episode 61 (53 mins), ‘‘The 1,2,3 of Product Barcodes!’ listen here.

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