Episode 61: The 1,2,3 of Product Barcodes

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Thinking about barcodes might not be the most exciting part of creating a product as a Foodpreneur, but it is usually the first step in getting your product retail-ready (and a very important step!).

Barcodes can actually do some pretty cool things, like help you sell internationally, make your product look preferable in the eyes of a buyer, help you manage your entire supply chain, as well as even help the industry be more sustainable!

In episode 61 of the Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I chat with Marcel Sieira, the Chief Customer Officer at GS1 Australia. GS1 is a not-for-profit that helps Australian businesses who are trying to get products in the market (such as Foodpreneurs trying to get their product into retailers!). He tells you the critical things Foodpreneurs need to know about barcoding their products, as well as:

🥫 What a GTN is, why you need one when getting into the market, and why it’s more difficult to get ranged if you don’t.
🥫 Why placement and size of your barcode are important.
🥫 How the colour of your packaging can prevent your barcode from scanning.
🥫 How barcodes can help prevent product fraud.
🥫 And, the biggest trend affecting the industry, is the transition to 2D barcodes (and how you can use them in the future to do some amazing things!)


If you haven’t listened to episode 60 (22 mins), ‘‘How to Review Your Q1 Activity to Smash Your Goals in Q2!’ listen here.

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