Episode 60: How to Review Your Q1 Activity to Smash Your Goals in Q2!

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If you think you don’t have the time to sit and review your business activities each quarter, think about what it could be costing you in time and money if you don’t properly review what you’re doing. You won’t know what activities, processes and strategies are working, and which aren’t. Without a proper debrief, you’ll end up doing the same things, while still trying to get more sales. 

But as the saying goes, you can’t keep doing the same thing, expecting different (better) results. 

In episode 60 of the Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast, I take you through how to properly review your Quarter 1 activities so you can learn from what you did, or didn’t do, and really take your brand to new heights in Quarter. 2 I’ll ask you the right questions so by the end of the episode, you’ll be prepared with what you need to do to get more sales, more stockists and more money in your pocket every quarter (just like a member of mine who used promotions in Q1 to increase her sales by 47%, which means she knew what to do in Q2).

Listen now to know:

📈 Why the most successful Foodpreneurs review their P&L every month.
📈 How tools can help you record and track your figures so you know how your business is tracking.
📈 How your sales peaks and troughs tell a story, and what to do with what it’s telling you.
📈 How to plan your activities for the 2nd Quarter of 2023.
📈 5 Things to do to help you hit your Q2 sales goals.
📈 Why you must ‘lean in’ if you want to be successful.


If you haven’t listened to episode 59 (49 mins), ‘Low/No-Cost Ways to Generate PR for Your brand’ listen here.

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