Episode 59: Low/No-Cost Ways to Generate PR for Your brand

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PR might seem daunting, unnecessary or expensive to small packaged food and drink business owners, but it can be anything but. Foodpreneurs can leverage media coverage to get a huge amount of eyeballs on their brand, with little to no budget, and there are things you can do during your day to help build out your brand story, all of which will can  be used to generate publicity. 

This week on the podcast I chat with PR expert Celia Harding who has worked with major, and boutique brands in the F&B space (think Smirnoff and Mr Black Coffee Liqueur). Celia talks growing and scaling your packaged food and drink business using PR, and gives you insider industry tips and tools to getting more eyeballs on your brand that won’t cost you a fortune (or nothing at all!) 

Listen now to find out:

📣 How to get retailers and customers to discover your product.
📣 The 4 elements you need to do great media coverage.
📣 The difference between PR and Advertising.
📣 How smaller businesses can trump bigger brands when it comes to PR.
📣 Why Australia is ‘the land of opportunity’ for Foodpreneurs and PR.


If you haven’t listened to episode 58 (49 mins), ‘How Cookie Dough Saved Celeb Chef Anna Polyviou listen here.

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