Episode 58: How Cookie Dough Saved Celeb Chef Anna Polyviou

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As a Foodpreneur, trying to create a successful brand, in an industry that’s notorious for being tough to make it in, is financially, mentally, and emotionally taxing (not to mention all the physical effort that comes into cooking and packing products). You’ll likely experience the rollercoaster of not only being in the F&B industry, but also being a business owner, and some days you can question yourself and your decision to become a food founder.

BUT you are not alone. My guest this week on Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast is award-winning pastry chef, media personality, Foodpreneur, and Cookie Dough extraordinaire Anna Polyviou. Despite being all the above, Anna had to work, educate, and hustle her way to success when launching her Cookie Dough brand AP Bites, overcoming major financial and emotional hurdles along the way.

Anna is one of the amazing women we’re celebrating this month on the podcast in recognition of International Women’s Day last week. She has learned so many valuable lessons through her journey that she shares with us on the podcast, including:

🍪 How her celeb status made her ‘put on a mask’ and hide her struggles during those dark times.
🍪 How a brand partnership helped her at the start of her journey.
🍪 Who to surround yourself with to increase your chance of success, both professionally and personally.
🍪 Why self-care is so important as a Foodpreneur.
🍪 Why even as a known media personality she has to push her product, and how she does it.
🍪 Why using a distributor and a sales agent works best for her business financially.
🍪 Why she prefers stockists to order ‘less’ of her product.


If you haven’t listened to episode 57 (59 mins), ‘Overcoming Failure as a Foodpreneur’ listen here.

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