Episode 57: Overcoming Failure as a Foodpreneur

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As Foodpreneurs (and in life in general), you’ll experience many moments you might think of as failures. Whether it’s getting a ‘no’ from a retail buyer you’ve been communicating with for months, to a major piece of equipment failing right before fulfilling a big order, to thinking your entire business is a failure. 

These moments will test you, but if you change your mindset around what a failure is, they need not break you (and often can be a catalyst for something greater).

This month we celebrate International Women’s Day and in recognition of all the amazing women out there, this week on Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast I chat with Alexandra Sangster, a Foodpreneurs Formula member, and an emerging leader in shaping Canada’s economy, culture, and society through food, drink, and consumer products. Alexandra has overcome multiple failures, from equipment failure to an unsuccessful partnership, to create a successful tea brand, which is helping support and empower women, and changing the world for the better through social impact initiatives.

Listen now to discover:

🍵 How to overcome perceived failures and change your mindset.
🍵 How your Foodpreneur community can help you manage stress.
🍵 Free resources to drive social impact with your business.
🍵 How to use a ‘failure’ as a learning opportunity for success.
🍵 How to ‘depersonalise’ feedback and use it to your advantage.


If you haven’t listened to episode 56 (115 mins), ‘Get Your Product into More Consumers’ Hands (Even Without a Budget!) listen here.

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