Episode 53: Anniversary Edition: Straight Talk from a Specialty Retail Buyer. What to Say in your Pitch.

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Do you want to get your product in more stockists and onto more shelves?

What about getting your product off those shelves, into more baskets and through check-outs?

Of course, you do. No business can run off passion or the sweet scent of cookies baking… 🍪

You’ll want to listen to this updated version of one of our most-popular podcasts from 2022, where I chat to Christina Basile, owner operator of Panetta Mercato, a collection of five family run grocery stores sourcing high quality food and drink products for their customers.

Christina and I talk about what foodpreneurs need to do to get their food and drink products on more shelves and into more consumer baskets.

You’ll get insights into:

🧺 The day in the life of a buyer so you know how and when to approach them.

🧺 Getting noticed by a buyer so you get your product stocked.

🧺 Working with your distributor to get stocked with a speciality retailer.

🧺 Landing your first order with a speciality retailer.

🧺 Supporting your product so it gets off the shelf (THE most important aspect that often gets overlooked).


This episode is brought to you by Foodpreneurs Formula, my business coaching program for packaged food and drink brand owners ready to scale and The Foodpreneur Journey roadmap so you know what to expect and the mistakes to avoid.


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