Episode 52: Anniversary Edition: Why Foodpreneurs Don’t Make Money

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Last year when I made this episode, making money in the food and drink industry was hard. With global market issues and increased competition, it may be even more difficult in the current climate. 

This was our number #1 episode in 2022 and for good reason. 73% of packaged food and drink brand owners don’t pay themselves a wage because there is no profit to set aside for all their time and effort, and if you’re a foodpreneur reading this, you may already know that from first hand experience. 

Listen to my updated industry insights into what the five typical mistakes foodpreneurs make are, and get answers to the questions still plaguing many of you, including:

🤔 How do I create a packaged food and drink business that allows you to pay myself a decent wage?

🤔 What should I charge?

🤔 Do I build velocity or value?

🤔 Is creating a brand important? And if so what does that actually mean?

🤔 What numbers do I need to know to be successful?

🤔 Should I approach buyers in retail or foodservice channel?


If you haven’t listened to episode 51 (49 mins), ‘How Two Foodpreneurs Created a Successful Business Selling a Largely Unknown Ingredient. listen here.

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