Episode 51: How 2 Foodpreneurs Created a Successful Business Selling a Largely Unknown Ingredient

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Having a business partner can be great. Someone to share the workload with, someone who brings their own set of skills into the business, and someone to support a crazy idea of starting a food business that involves selling a product using an ingredient hardly anyone knows about…..

Sounds, well brave, doesn’t it? But that’s exactly what my two guests this week on Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast did. And not only have they built a thriving business with their black garlic being adored by many high profile chefs but a healthy, transparent business relationship to boot.

On the podcast this week I chat with Cathy Owen and Jenny Daniher, who together founded Garlicious Grown, a company that sells delicious, award winning black garlic products. Jenny and Cathy met at their kids soccer game, and decided to create a business together selling a product 95% of the population had never heard about. 

Listen now for their insights on:

🧄How they confidently sell to chefs – a mainly male-dominated demographic. 

🧄 The key to a successful partnership.

🧄 How they navigate roles and responsibilities.

🧄 How foodservice is a key sales channel for them.

🧄 Apps they use to simplify their business.

🧄 How they use external relationships to increase brand awareness.


If you haven’t listened to episode 50 (45 mins), ‘How Foodpreneurs Can Increase DTC Sales through Digital Marketing. listen here.

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