Episode 50: How Foodpreneurs Can Increase DTC Sales through Digital Marketing

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Did you know that 320 people in Australia search for ‘handmade chocolate’ every month on Google? How about 2,900 people in the US search ‘best kombucha’ online EVERY MONTH? And that’s just a fraction of the searches people all over the world make looking for packaged food and drink products to buy online.

Now, if you’re a Foodpreneur who sells directly to consumers from a website, you’re going to want to be in front of those eyeballs 👀 👀 👀.

That’s why if you’ve got an ecommerce website, I’ve got a treat for you. On Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford podcast this week I chat with ecommerce expert Andy Janaitis. Andy has worked with a lot of craft food and drink brands; helping them increase their online sales through digital marketing. Listen to episode 50 now to find out:

💻 What you MUST do with your website to help increase sales.

💻 A mistake to avoid that can limit your sales (and it has nothing to do with your website!)

💻 Where to start off if you’ve never done paid marketing on an ecommerce site before.

💻 Google vs. Social ads – the difference and when to use each.

💻 How collecting email addresses can help your paid marketing.


If you haven’t listened to episode 49 (48 mins), ‘How to Get Noticed by Retail Buyers and Land More Accounts’ with RangeMe’s founder, Nicky Jackson, listen here.

This episode is brought to you by Foodpreneurs Formula, my coaching program for packaged food and drink brand owners ready to scale. If you’re ready to land more accounts, get your product into more consumers’ hands, and put more money in your pocket for every food and drink product you sell, get on the waitlist. Enrolment for our next cohort will be opening soon.


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