Episode 43: What to do When a Stockist Says ‘No’ or ‘No for Now’

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You’ve spent a lot of time and effort honing your product, you’ve designed the packaging, done your market research, and are even making sales. You know you need to get into more stockists to increase your revenue but the thought of making cold-calls makes you anxious; it’s just not YOU, you’re a Foodpreneur, a maker, a creator, an innovator, but definitely not a salesperson…..

The truth is making sales calls to stockists strikes fear into the hearts of many foodpreneurs. As a self-confessed introvert, Claire MacDonald from Coast n Smoke – a range of delectable artisan spice blends and BBQ rubs – knows this feeling all too well; BUT with a sales goal of doubling her revenue in 12 months, Claire knew she had to not only get more comfortable with making sales calls if she wanted to succeed, but also know what to say if she encountered a ‘no’, or another kind of objection.

In this week’s podcast coaching session, I take Claire through how to approach sales, especially cold calls, and what to say to get around the difficult ‘no’ and ‘no for now’ comments from stockists.

Listen now to discover:

📞 What to do when the idea of sales and selling makes you anxious.

📞 How an evidence-based and storytelling approach to sales makes it easier for foodpreneurs to land more accounts and make more money.

📞 My sales formula for doubling your revenue in the next 12 months.

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