Episode 42: When Things Aren’t Good at Home and Your Business is at Risk

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As a Foodpreneur you’re often working IN the business and ON the business at the same time…and trying to run a household….and it’s exhausting; so, when things are tough at home, it can have a negative impact on your business, affecting your physical and mental health.

This episode hit close to home for me as it was a phone call with a distressed Foodpreneur who had decided to close her business temporarily that prompted me to create this episode in the hope that if there are foodpreneurs out there who are struggling with challenges relating to work and home life, I could share the advice I gave to her with them.

In this episode I’ll take you through:

🧡 How to navigate challenges like these and make them less stressful; and

🧡 How to manage existing relationships and feel more confident if you’ve made the tough decision to close your business.

If you’ve ever struggled to juggle the work and home life balance and want to feel less alone and more confident, listen to this week’s episode.

Links & Resources

If you haven’t listened to episode 41 (52 mins), The 6-3-1 Formula to Grab Consumer Attention & Get Into More Baskets. listen here.

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