Episode 37: Creating a memorable brand to get your product off the shelf.

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Think about some of the products you purchase when you visit the grocery store. Do you tend to buy the same brands repeatedly?

Well, you’re not alone; most consumers do.

This is usually because of an emotional connection to them, whether it’s their eye-catching packaging, what the brand stands for, or because of their ability to elicit childhood memories. This can be tough for products on shelves without an existing brand personality, or familiarity with consumers – making it harder for these products to get off the shelves and into consumers’ hands!

On this week’s podcast episode, I speak to David Thomson, English Creative Director and Branding Expert with 20 years of experience growing brands for a variety of FMCG, including the hugely successful Pukka Tea. We discuss the importance of moving from a ‘product’ to a ‘brand’ mindset for F&B businesses to scale, whether you’re DTC or Retail.

In this episode you’ll learn top tips on how to create a memorable brand:

  1. That gets your product off shelves and into consumers’ hands.
  2. That has a huge effect on opening doors to buyers (and major retailers!)
  3. Without a huge marketing budget.
  4. That makes it easier to branch out with multiple products.
  5. That helps you go against the grain and stand out from your competitors.
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