Episode 32: Walking the trade show floor with a wholesale buyer to close a sale.

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Why would a wholesale buyer buy if they don’t see the value your product brings to their business?

If you’re not a confident sales person, hope won’t work.

Instead use trade shows to help you build rapport with your buyers and close more opportunities. 

Trade shows are not just for developing new opportunities. Buyers and producers alike know they’ll be sold to at a show, so it’s your opportunity to take advantage of that and close more deals.

The key? You need to be prescriptive.

In this episode I give you my four-part trade show sales strategy. Like most of my methods, it’s about the systems you create, because systems help you scale.

This is what you’ll learn:

  1. How to set up a meeting, at a show, with wholesale buyers;
  2. What to do once you’re at a show to make it worth your time; and
  3. How to decide which buyers you should prioritise when time is limited.
Links & Resources

If you haven’t listened to episode 31 (43.10 mins), Carving out your competitive advantage using food tech. Easier than you think., listen here.

And, I invite you to come and join my community of female foodpreneurs, and catch up on the conversations, in Kiosk. For Women in Food and Drink, my free Facebook group.

This episode is brought to you by Foodpreneurs Formula®, my business acceleration coaching program for packaged food and drink brand owners ready to scale; and my free on-demand masterclass that gives you the framework to help you navigate your scaling journey.


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