Episode 3: What is a sales agent, and do I need one?

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Sales and selling are often after thoughts for packaged food and drink brand owners. When there’s not enough velocity, or product sales, the issue of not selling or making enough sales becomes obvious very quickly. I know you feel this.

So how do you land more accounts and put more money in your pocket when you’re making, baking and creating?

In this episode I talk to Jo Sebok a Sales Agent for speciality and artisanal food and drink brand owners. For you to get the most from this episode fast, I divided my questions to Jo into two-halves:

  1. What you need to have in place to engage, and get the best value from, a sales agent.
  2. What a sales agent will deliver for you and your business.

Also in this episode, Jo and I talk about the difference between what a sales agent will deliver for you compared to a distributor; a sales broker; or engaging your own sales person.


If you haven’t listened to episode 2 (52 mins) on how to make your money back when you’re exhibiting at a trade show, listen here.

And, I invite you to come and join my community of female foodpreneurs, and catch up on the conversations, in Kiosk. For Women in Food and Drink, my free Facebook group.

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