Episode 28: Moving from DTC to wholesale. The scale story of a keto cereal brand.

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Veronica Blue sells creamy keto hot cereal on Amazon. In her third month, her revenue was $10,000. She was off to a great start. Now, less than one year after launching DTC, she wants to sell through wholesale channels and has set her sight on Wholefoods (can’t blame her, their stores are fab). But, what Veronica wanted to know was, HOW? How was she going to make that transition to finding retail buyers to pitch to instead of consumers who find her on Amazon? 

What steps did she need to take in order to successfully go from selling DTC to wholesale? How could she make the most of the 5.53% growth rate opportunity in her category? What did she need to prepare in order to pitch to a retail buyer? How could she present her offer differently and get cut-through? 

Wholesale is a different kettle of fish to DTC, so where do you start?

Listen to my coaching session with Veronica and the advice I give her on how to develop a wholesale solution. And heads up, my advice ultimately did not focus on Wholefoods. Listen to the episode about how I worked with Veronica to identify a bigger opportunity and why it could just be a much better opportunity (profitable) for her brand.

This is what you’ll learn:

  1. How to present value to a retailer so they take notice of your pitch;
  2. Why your offer needs to provide incremental revenue to a retailer and how to do that; and
  3. Why you miss out on lucrative opportunities if you just focus on the same retailers everyone else does. Learn how to play a much bigger game and think outside the typical retail opportunities everyone else thinks about.

If you haven’t listened to episode 27 (47.30 mins), Getting sales through a major retailer when you’ve got a lot of competition., listen here.

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