Episode 27: Getting sales through a major retailer when you’ve got a lot of competition. Here’s how.

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Gym Bod’s target market for their high protein, low sugar, ice cream is anyone in activewear who has a sweet tooth!

I spoke to Cian Dawson, one half of Gym Bod, who co-founded the brand with partner, Courtney Brown, about selling through a major supermarket chain and gaining market share in a competitive category. 

Gym Bod has been developed for the mass market, but it wasn’t initially conceived that way. When playing in the highly competitive frozen dessert category, and striving to be profitable, some days (okay… many) can be painstakingly difficult.

Listen to my chat with Cian and hear her spill the beans of what it’s really like behind the scenes keeping one’s head above water playing the long game.

You’ll learn:

  1. Price penetration strategy: what it is and what you need to know so you take market share;
  2. How to analyse the market so you learn who is really buying your product and market hard specifically to them;
  3. What to do when a retail partner wants you to develop a product and how to deliver it on time;
  4. How to work with a co-manufacturer and manage their MOQs; and
  5. How Cian and Courtney align the ‘stars’ of production, ingredient delivery and sales demand, even when holding down ‘day jobs’.

If you haven’t listened to episode 26 (46.33 mins), Straight talk from a speciality retail buyer. What to say in your pitch., listen here.

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