Episode 24: Landing one new retailer every other day. How this foodpreneur does it.

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Are you scared of picking up the phone to make sales calls? Do you struggle to get sales momentum? How about the follow up calls… so you have a consistent routine?

According to Julie Morris, there’s nothing to be scared of when making calls, just find common ground.

Julie is a natural rapport builder and in my chat with her, she talks to me about how she does it to build her seasoning and flavoured salt business, Pincha Salt.

Julie lives in a remote location and is not a natural business person, but neither of those things have stopped her from closing one retail store every other day for the past few months.

The reason for her success? Take a listen to the episode and you’ll learn:

  1. What to prepare so you’re sales call ready;
  2. What to say on the call; and
  3. Why accountability matters.

If you haven’t listened to episode 23 (26.48 mins), Building a FMCG brands get to $100M & stay committed to your social conscience, listen here.

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1 Comment

  1. Val

    Love pincha salt products with their unique flavours and Julie is a fun to be and work with.. All the best to you, Julie 🌸


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