Episode 2: Food trade shows, what’s the real ROI?

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Packaged food and drink brand owners are often afraid to spend the money to exhibit at a trade show in case they don’t make their money back.

Trade shows are a big investment in time and money, so that’s understandable.

In this episode I talk to Liz Shaw, Exhibition Manager of Specialised Events to help you understand what you must do to make your money back.

In my conversation with Liz, we get to the granular level of setting objectives and how to win turn in orders whilst you’re at the show. 

These are some of the key questions we answer:

  1.  How can trade shows help to grow a foodpreneurs business?
  2. Where should trade shows should sit in a foodpreneurs marketing mix?
  3. What is the one big mistake most first time exhibitors make that can be easily avoided?
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If you haven’t listened to episode 1 (20 mins) to hear why foodpreneurs don’t make money, listen here.

And,  I invite you to come and join my community of female foodpreneurs, and catch up on the conversations, in Kiosk. For Women in Food and Drink, my free Facebook group.

This episode of Foodpreneur with Chelsea Ford is brought to you by my ‘Money For Jam’ Masterclass that I’ll be hosting live at Foodservice Australia on 28 February to help packaged food and drink producers pitch to buyers and win the account, even if when the product is expensive.


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